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Chevy Chase Country Club Wedding | Malorie And Graham | Wheeling, Illinois


May 30, 2022

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It is people that make memories, not places. But these walls hold generations of love and memories for this family. A wedding at Chevy Chase Country Club. We stand in the bridal suite. Fitting her dress, fluffing her veil, keeping eyes on the time, waiting for the day to begin. The room has grand mirrors and bright windows, it is equally luxurious and cozy. It is the same spot that Malorie’s mother, Amy, stood over 30 years ago. Surrounded by her close friends and family, as she prepared to marry Malorie’s father. A full circle, a mirror of the past, and a window into the bright future that Malorie and Graham hold together. I am honored to be here in the crossroads of past, present, and future.

Amy holds a small box, a gift for her daughter, the bride. A small handkerchief with a blue butterfly embroidered on top. It is something old, new, borrowed, and blue. A small, but heavy token, that once belonged to Malorie’s grandmother who passed away just a few months ago. A reflection of the one that thirty years ago, she gave to her own daughter, Amy. A moment mirrored in this room, a swinging pendulum from daughter, to wife.

As we say our goodbyes for the night, Malorie tells me she “can’t believe how quickly it went by”.

To Malorie and Graham, I thank you for allowing me to be apart of your wedding. I remind you both to cherish each other, soak in the moments. You won’t believe how quickly the rest will go bye.

Maybe, in 30 years from now, another wedding at Chevy Chase Country club, you will find yourselves back in this room.

  1. Linda Hallman says:

    These photos are gorgeous! What a beautiful couple and family and so many friends! These photos will be cherished as memories for eve.
    Love Aunt Linda & Uncle Ralph💗

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