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St. Frances of Rome Parish Wedding | Luke and Olga | Cicero, Illinois


September 18, 2020

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The Prelude

The Arceo’s are the type of family you are blessed to be born into. It is rare to see the kind of love they have for one another. Between husband and wife, mother and father, brother’s and sister’s; it is a type of love that few will ever know. Olga and Luciano have now found that love together. I’m lucky to experience it first hand as a family friend, and even luckier to have been asked to capture this wedding day.

I have known Luciano (Luke) and his family, the Arceo’s for years. For 5 years, he was “Cassy’s little brother, Luke” to me. When I saw him on the day of his engagement session, it was like meeting him again, for the first time. The 19 year old boy that I first knew had grown into a confident and assertive 25 year old man. He had found a women to love and protect for the rest of his life. As we shot their engagement photos, I could feel their love radiating off of them.

The Wedding Vows

Olga and her father stand at the beginning of the aisle. Reckless Love is playing on piano, and I can only think of how fitting this song is for Luke and Olga. Their love, much like the love of God, is so beautiful that it can only be described as reckless. There is no shadow it cannot light up, no mountain it won’t climb up. It is overwhelming, and never ending. It is clear that what Luke and Olga have is a love carefully crafted by God himself.

I listen to the Father speak, he admits that in his 19 years as a priest, they have something he has never seen before. Before their engagement, they came to him because they both wanted to “fully understand what it means to have a marriage embedded in Christ.” He has never had a couple come to him with that, and for that reason alone he knew that they were ready. Through all of the triumphs of 2020, Luke and Olga were only certain of one thing: They just wanted to get married. Nothing else matters.

He reminds Luke and Olga that Jesus loves both of them literally to death. That Jesus spent his life so that they could spend theirs together. That no matter what happens, through happiness, and joy, and disappoints, and anger, they are vowing to have a Christlike love for eachother. I’m honored to be a witness to this type of love.

The Wedding Processional

I’m incredibly blessed to have spent this wedding day with two amazing people. Luke and Olga, I wish you a life full of love and happiness. I cannot wait to see your love continue to blossom. Here’s to the rest of your life.

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